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Two in caravans not counting the dog pug

We travel to the motorhome for the first time. If very short say that we think about it. Very comfortable only for two people, but too expensive. Travel (plain own car + hotel) is 2-3 times cheaper than the (rented motorhome + camping).

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Travel to North Cape. North Cape

We got to the goal. Then go nowhere. This extreme northern point of Europe. Ahead only the Arctic Ocean. Instead of the blue ocean, we see a white mist. But it is still a beautiful and stunning views.

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Travel to North Cape. Day 6

We, together with Valli posing on a background of fjord. Now we are 20 kilometers from the end point of our journey.So already covered 1,500 km journey. In total, we're going to go through 4,000 km.

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