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USB pug

Valli, the USB pug

                                              Help! Starving! Today I have for lunch a little blue flash stick.

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The Christmas market was opened

Today the Christmas market was opened in my hometown. We were there at afternoon. Nothing interesting for me, many of peoples, very noisy orchestra, and terrible “hoogvein” smell. This is a drink for people, same as german guhwein. Terrible, I hope, mom will not to...

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Sunday with pugs

Today I was on the pugs meeting . It is second time , but I anyway do not like this kind of events . More than twenty pugs , they are all unruly and annoying. Yeah , it is hard experience . Mom hopes that...

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Sunday morning

Windy day We sit home today because in outside rages storm. Morning were boring but in the midday we want go to “Tallinn mops” meeting . In our country “pug” named as “mops” .

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Lost in the woods

Today I attended to searching for missing dog in the forest. Hunting dog had run away and disappeared in the forest . We were going togo walk in the woods , when the dogs owner asked us for help. We could not find the dog , but after walking we do received the sms that the dog was found .

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Hello ! I am Euro Pug

Here I is. My name is Valantin, shortly Vallik, im three years old lovable pug. Lie down on the window sill and look out the window is my favorite thing to do. I live high, on a sixth floor and i have a great view...

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Getting started

Domain name was changed „Europug“. It do not means something special „Euro“….in domain zone “eu*“ there in Estonia means as same as „international“. Today we finished do settings, and now this blog continues with our main hero pug Valli.

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About us

Hello all ! Today we start a new project which must be helping us to learn English and talk in this process about our life and hobby.  We’re going to talk about pugs, our walks and other pug life events. And first exercise: How to start...

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